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Of All the Balloons in the World

Summary: Hello, Keith Sommer. Meet Little You. Don't believe me? Well you just wasted your chance to do something about your past. Have a good life.

Balloons? Where?!Collapse )

Where the Anemones Grow

Summary: A Spanish-German boy goes to study abroad in his hometown in Granada, Spain. There, he falls in love with a gypsy boy, and a secret love affair begins. The end of summer approaches ~ is this something that can last for more than a year? PG-15 (mild sexy tiemz).

Word count: ~2000.


Yay! I love anemones!Collapse )

The Man Who Was December

Title: The Man Who Was December
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Sam/Jimmy
Warnings: N/A.
Word Count: ~5000
Summary: Wherein a jaded rock artist meets a forgotten childhood friend who pops up every Christmas. Vaguely connected to my 'verse Tell Me Who I Am which you really don't have to read to understand.
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This doesn't deserve a post.

 What have I gotten myself into? 63k words, and I'm thinking of stopping now? It's just that this story keeps going on and on and on, and I keep getting lost or sidetracked by details and pointless scenes. And I think I've lost sight of the characters' original motivations.

Anyhoodle, I think it'd be a slap in the face to those who've followed so far, so I will finish this fic. I'll write two stories that tie things up after a time jump of ten years. 
The first story will follow Sam and Jimmy -- narrated in the first person by Sam (I've already started writing this one).
The next one will focus of Dean and Cas's relationship -- still not sure how I'll narrate this one, though.

These can even be read without having followed the fic thus far -- so I'll come up with different titles for these, but they are still in the same fic's 'verse.